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S.B. Boston, Lincolnshire

Customer Rating:

I cannot recommend Mark and his team at Rockvale highly enough.  He and his team are a real credit to their profession, both in terms of sales and after sales.

I recently bought a 1997 BMW Z3 from Rockvale, and not only has Mark got the knowledge, skill and understanding about finding a great car, he sells it in a great way too, and it is a really informative enjoyable experience, but it doesn't stop there.  The extra stuff (at his expense I hasten to add) he does before he lets you drive away from the showroom, providing the trust and confidence you want as a purchaser.

I drove my newly acquired BMW Z3 home, only to discover it had developed an alternator fault on the way home to the east coast.  Neither I or Mark could have foreseen this, as it would be impossible to check every single moving mechanical part prior to driving away with it, even though Mark insists on a complete inspection, service and road test before driving away. 

Mark, within the week, arranged for a replacement alternator and despatched one of his mechanics to my house on the other side of the country and the fault rectified with the minimum amount of fuss.  Now that is what I call service!!  So Team Rockvale you can be proud of yourselves, fellow motor trade professionals take note, and potential future customers you have my reassurance you will be well looked after by Mark and his team.  Particular thanks also go to Daniel and Rafal who are excellent ambassadors for the firm.

S.B. (November 2021)


A.H. Macclesfield

Customer Rating:

Just bought a 9 year old Mercedes C Class from Rockvale and had to share what was one of the best car purchases I have ever had.

I have in the past driven several Mercedes company cars and although the cars are great, the dealer service was always lacking (and expensive).  

Now semi retired and not rich enough to buy new, I was on the lookout for a good second hand model and found the exact one at Rockvale.

The car was presented beautifully valeted, with a complete genuine service history, and Mark and his staff went above and beyond to make my purchase as pleasurable as possible.

I can highly recommend Rockvale Motor Co. Ltd.

A.H.  (October 2021)


Customer Rating:

"Following another burglary, I decided new cars were now firmly off the menu and returned to Rockvale, recalling a long conversation with Mark Edwards several years ago in relation to a potential purchase, which I ultimately didn't acquire, plumping for another new vehicle instead.

I cannot endorse Mark and his team enough.  They must, by any stretch, be one of, if not the best, used car dealer in the U.K.  I soon learned I don't need a soft armchair on my arrival.  I don't need an endless supply of coffee or a nice pen and umbrella.  I don't need to be spoken to about finance deals and paint work protection I don't want.  All I need is honesty, care, expert knowledge and attention to detail.  I have received all this and more from the Rockvale team.  I cannot fault the preparation of the car.  It was better than ANY new vehicle I have owned.  Their knowledge is second to none.  I'd only had the car a few days and needed some after sale service - all attended to with minimal fuss.

For as long as I am buying BMWs (which has been since 2004) I will only ever buy them from Mark hereon.  Those of you who may hesitate, having read and heard horror stories in relation to used car dealers, then rest easy as this company buck that stereotype in every way and more.  Well done Mark, Dan, Raf and Dave."

R.K.  (December, 2019)


Customer Rating:

"Thank you for all your attentions concerning all details regarding my husband's ex car and continued care for our other vehicles.

We really do appreciate this personal service."

S.D.  (November, 2019)


Customer Rating:

"Thank you so much for finding me a "perfect" car!  I'm very happy with it.

Thank you for all your help and great work!"

S.H.B.  (October, 2019)


Customer Rating:

"As the buyer of an older, less valuable vehicle, I did not expect the exceptional quality of preparation and handover of my new (to me) car; I'm sure that had I been buying a much more valuable vehicle the service could not have been bettered.  The car was priced fairly, serviced and any faults found remedied before handover, and any that materialised afterwards (a faulty ABS sensor) repaired quickly and without cost to me. 

I would be happy to recommend Mark and his team at Rockvale - true BMW enthusiasts who clearly treat customers as they themselves would wish to be treated and deliver a cracking service as a result.  Thank you."

P.T.   (March, 2019)


Customer Rating:

"Rockvale Motor Company is a family-run business that I'd recommend highly.  I recently bought a 2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 from Mark and his team, and I'm delighted with it.  The car is a rare, well-specced petrol model with only one previous keeper and 15,000 miles which is a fantastic find in itself.  But it's the way it was prepared for sale, and the friendly, honest manner in which it was sold, that really stands out.

The car was based over three hours away from my home, and Mark took time over several calls and videos to reassure me of its history and condition - to such an extent that I bought it unseen.  When I did finally set eyes on it, having been collected from Stockport Station, the vehicle was even better than described.  As near to immaculate as any six year old car can be, and fully serviced - above and beyond what a main dealer would offer.

The entire experience was a simple pleasure, and I'm sure I'll be a return customer - one of countless others that Mark and Rockvale have amassed over the years.  Buy with confidence."

R.L.   (October, 2018)


Customer Rating:

"After looking at a lot of BMW Z4s and feeling disheartened at the complete false description of them, and travelling many miles to promises of "You won't find a better one" to only find they had completely lied to me on the phone on their condition, you start to think all car dealers are the same.

Then I saw a Z4 at Rockvale Motor.  When I arrived my expectations were not the best.  I was pleasantly greeted by someone who turns out to be Daniel.  I told him I had come to look at the Z4 they had.  Daniel told me I needed to speak to Mark who was with a customer, but said take a look at the car. They had lots of BMWs all that looked in GOOD condition.  So I looked at the Z4.  I was surprised.  Described accurately.  Mark came over and I explained how the other dealers had lied to me.

Three hours later I was still looking at the car with no pressure from Mark at all.  Let me tell you - all dealers are not the same.  Mark at Rockvale is as passionate about cars as I am and is as helpful as you could possibly imagine.  All other car dealers need to see from Rockvale that this is how you should be with customers - genuine and honest.

I went the day after to have another look.  Two hours later after looking on a ramp at it, I was still there.  After buying it I actually feel as if I'm part of a Rockvale owner club.  How many car dealers can you say you feel that way about.  I will be getting my servicing for the car done there too.

To summarise - honest, friendly and genuine - everything a dealer should be.  Thank you Mark and thank you Daniel and all the staff.  You're all appreciated."

T.W.   (September, 2018)


Customer Rating:

"Just a quick note to thank you and your team for the buying experience of 'my baby' (the Z3 has yet to be named!).  It was a real pleasure and the care and attention given to the servicing and overall preping of the car before it went out, was most reassuring.  Thank you".

P.H.J.   (July, 2018)


Customer Rating:

"Just a quick note to say thank you.  I am very pleased with the car and the service from you and your team.  The car was beautifully prepared and I had a very enjoyable drive home despite the awful weather.  Having worked in the motor trade for many years, I know what effort is required!  Please pass on my thanks to your team."

K.A.V.  (July, 2018)

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