Key Coding

Key Coding

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All modern day cars have security systems in place that require uniquely programmed chips that are present within your key remote to disable a cars immobiliser system.

Without the correct car key programming and code your keys will not work or start your car, which can cause major problems when keys lose their coding, usually at inconvenient times.

Immobiliser and key faults can result in expensive repair costs if you go to the main dealership, however we have in house all of the latest technologies to ensure that we can programme your car keys so that they correspond to your ECU and immobiliser.


Which keys can you reprogramme?

We can reprogram most keys. Please contact us, providing your cars make and model, and we will be able to confirm whether your key can be reprogrammed by ourselves!

What happens if I’ve had my old keys stolen?

If you have lost your keys or had them stolen, the keys we reprogram will be done so with a new code, so only the ones we programme will work, ensuring that your car remains secure.

Will my manufacturers warranty be affected?

No. We only ever use genuine or OE replacement parts that comply with Block Exemption Regulations, so you are no longer tied to going to a dealership and paying inflated prices to have your car services just to keep warranty intact.

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